Ex-pats in Australia

Below is a list of where you can locate some creature comforts from Britain, as well as online advice from ex-pat networks worldwide who specialise in Australia.

  • Poms In Oz.com

    Established in 2005, the site's forum offers a wealth of information on a broad range of subjects including visas, real estate and schooling.

  • BritishExpat.com

    Established in 2000 and dedicated to British expatriates worldwide. Offers information and advice on range of subjects.

  • Getting Down Under

    Getting Down Under is a popular blog and forum site for people planning on making the move from the UK to Australia.

  • Exresidents.co.uk

    Exists to reunite ex-residents from within local communities in the UK. Register your name so that old friends and neighbours may contact you, or see if any of your long lost friends are already listed (free of charge).