Visa Bureau Social Networks

Below is a list of social networks that Visa Bureau has a presence on. 

  • Visa Bureau on Facebook
    On the Visa Bureau Facebook page, you'll find our latest news stories as well as reviews and answers to questions asked by present, potential and past Visa Bureau clients.


  • Working Holiday in Australia on Facebook
    Our 10,000 fan + community on our Working Holiday in Australia Facebook page is a hub of activity for backpackers looking for work, things to do, places to see and everything and anything else you can do on a Working Holiday in Australia.


  • Working Holiday in New Zealand on Facebook
    We use the NZ page as a sister page to the above, posting events and great content all about New Zealand.


  • Working Holiday Blog on Twitter
    Our Working Holiday Blog Twitter account is there to answer questions and help people out as quickly (and concisely) as possible. We also use this Twitter account to post working holiday jobs on a daily basis.


  • Visa Bureau on Twitter
    The Visa Bureau Twitter is where we post quick updates and links to our news and blogs, as well as communicate with any clients (in 140 characters or less!).


  • Visa Bureau on Google +
    The Visa Bureau's Google+ page links to some of our most popular news and blog posts.


  • Visa Bureau
    Through, we release Visa Bureau press releases related to Australian visa and immigration issues.


  • Visa Bureau Squidoo
    On the Visa Bureau Squidoo, we post articles related to Australian visa and immigration issues.


  • Visa Bureau HubPages
    On the Visa Bureau HubPages, we share information with the HubPages community.




  • Visa Bureau Bebo
    We are currently in the process of building our Bebo presence.

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