Finding a Job in Australia Taking your career to Australia? We talk to Hays Globalink about the latest Australian job opportunities and market trends

- Posted in Australia by Kimberleyon 09 January 2019

Introducing Hays Globalink

If you are migrating to Australia then Hays Globalink can provide you with fast, easy and accessible job opportunities. Hays Globalink are a team of London based recruitment specialists who can assist with your job search in Australia ahead of your arrival. They focus primarily on Engineering, Construction, IT, Accountancy and Finance.

How can Hays assist my job search?

The team provide practical advice on tailoring your CV to the Australian market, while also preparing you for job interviews. Hays are constantly looking for highly skilled candidates to fill their exciting new job roles. Working with Hays Globalink can ensure that transitioning your career Down Under is successful.


The Australian Job Market

According to the latest Hays Salary Guide for Australia, accountancy and finance professionals will see increased demand for their skills in 2018-19 in response to the continued strength of the labour market. Recruitment activity will remain high across Australia’s healthcare and education sectors in 2018-19, with a shortage of Social Carers, Registered Nurses and Early Childhood Teachers. These particular occupations have an abundance of Skilled Visa options for Australia.

Diane Boyce from Hays Globalink comments “The Australian Government has committed more than A$75 billion (£41.4 billion) in spending on infrastructure projects; this will not only increase demands for skills in engineering and construction but benefit all industries”.

The next steps to securing employment in Australia

We recommend contacting Hays Globalink to gain a better understanding of the Australian job market and what to expect before you arrive. The team can provide advice on salary expectations and market guidelines. Meet the team at our Australian Migration Events where you can confidentially discuss your career prospects and salary expectations Down Under.

Find out if you qualify for skilled migration to Australia by completing our online visa assessment.

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