Australian Tax Refunds and Super Tax Refunds

Super Tax Refunds

Visa Bureau works with Super Tax Refunds, who provide a fully managed service to help obtain Australian tax refunds for travellers and expatriates returning to the UK after working in Australia.

How can I apply for an Australian Tax refund?

You can begin the process by completing the form below - it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes, and once you've completed it, your details will be sent to a Super Tax Refunds representative. Alternatively, call  1800 340 008 (or +61 7 5609 7480 if you're outside Australia) referencing Visa Bureau to speak to a Super Tax Refunds representative.

They will then care of everything and lodge your claim for a tax refund before sending the money to your chosen bank account – Australian bank accounts and international bank accounts. You can also get a free quote of how much you're owed from Super Tax Refunds here - the average tax refund is AU$2,500!

Click here to read the Super Tax Refunds terms and conditions.