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The Australian Visa Bureau has a range of online applications and assessments for the majority of visas to Australia. Therefore, we recommend that you complete the relevant online visa assessment as this will be the best way to get specific information regarding the visa you are interested in applying for and contact a Migration Consultant (if necessary).

For example, completing an Online Australian Skilled Migration Visa Assessment will allow a Migration Consultant to advise you on your options to emigrate as a skilled worker.

Be sure to select your preferred contact time and contact details at the end of the assessment so a Migration Consultant can ring you.

Instant Australian ETA Travel Visa Assessment

Tourists to Australia can apply online for an instant travel visa (also known as the Electronic Travel Authority or ETA visa), before starting the journey to Australia. 

Apply for an ETA Visa


Young people aged between 18 and 30 years can travel and work in Australia for up to 12 months on a Working Holiday Visa.

Apply for a Working Holiday Visa


Skilled workers who wish to apply for permanent migration to Australia can apply through the Australian General Skilled Migration Program.

Australian Skilled Visa Assessment


The Australian Visa Bureau cannot accept walk-in clients. Appointments must be made by using the forms above, or with your migration consultant or dedicated case worker.

The Australian Visa Bureau has offices at:


  • London, England

    United Kingdom

  • Edinburgh, Scotland

    United Kingdom
  • Office hours are from 9am to 5.30pm local time, Monday to Friday.
If your enquiry is not related to any of the above, please use the form below:


Note: If you are having technical issues with this website, please describe in detail the problem you encountered. Please tell us the name of the visa assessment, product or service you were trying to use, any error messages you received and which button you clicked before experiencing difficulties.


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