Moving to Australia - Useful Information and Resources

Moving to Australia is a big step for many migrants, which is why it is important they are able to access useful information and resources for Australia.

Australians are renowned world-wide for having a relaxed lifestyle and plenty of opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the countryside and beaches, as well as being able to benefit from a range of modern cosmopolitan cities.

Some interesting facts about Australia include:

  • Australia is the world's smallest continent but sixth largest country, and is located in the Oceania region;
  • It has a relatively small population of just over 20 million, with most of this population located along the eastern and south-eastern coasts;
  • The capital of Australia is Canberra, located a couple of hours drive from Australia's most well-known city, Sydney;
  • Sydney and Melbourne are the largest cities in terms of size and population; and
  • Australia's climate ranges from tropical in the north, to temperate in the south.

Additional information and useful resources for moving to Australia include advice on shipping, investments and pensions and foreign currency exchange.