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O-2 Support Visa

The O-2 visa is offered to support personnel of O-1 Visa holders in the fields of entertainment, athletics, and the motion picture and television production industries.

The O-2 visa is not though available to support O-1 holders who are to be employed in the the fields of science, business or education.

To be eligible for O-2 visa, you must prove that you:

For example, in the world of athletics, support personnel that would most commonly apply for the O-2 visa includes coaches, trainers, referees, umpires, and interpreters.

As the O-2 visa is a non-immigrant category visa, applicants will have to prove:

Like the O-1 visa, the O-2 visa is normally valid for three years, or as long as is deemed necessary to finish competition or complete an activity.   Extensions may be granted in one year increments.

O-2 Visa holders can be accompanied by their spouse and dependent children in the United States, who must apply for O-3 visa status in order to do so. O-3 Visa holders may join the principal O-2 visa holder at any time, and can enter and leave the United States as many times as they wish during the validity of the visa.