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Completing an Online US Visa application is simple, free and carries no obligation. Here are a few tips to guide you through the Online Assessment process:

Work Visas

American Work Visas are temporary entry visas allowing a foreign worker to enter American and work. There are several types of visas available in this category, and each visa available requires applicants to fulfil certain visa requirements before they will be granted a Work Visa.

If you would like to work in America and are unsure of the visa you should apply for, fill out our Free US Visa Application to determine your eligibility for a Skilled Visa.

Online Visa Assessment


Business Visas

American Business Visas are temporary Non-immigrant Visas which can be for either a short business stay for the purpose of gathering information, attending meetings and conferences, or a longer business commitment such as investment in a business.

Fill out an Online Visa Assessment to determine your eligibility for a Business Visa.

Online Business Visa Assessment


Family Visas

Family migration is based around 2 general categories; one is based on a preference system and the other offers permanent residency regardless of the demand for Immigrant Visas. The latter, the Non-preference Category, is for immediate relatives of American citizens.

If you are the spouse, fiancee, child, parent or relative of an American citizen or permanent resident, fill out an Online Assessment to determine your eligibility for migration to America.

Online Family Visa Assessment


Diversity Lottery

The Diversity Lottery Program helps 50,000 people a year obtain permanent residency (a Green Card) if they are from of a country with low rates of immigration to America.

Applicants must meet specific requirements to be eligible to enter in the lottery, and be from a country allowed to participate.

Online Diversity Lottery Assessment