09 Jul 13

New York tourism sees record growth

Despite a still struggling economy, America's most famous city continues to thrive with international visitors up over 50% in the last six years alone.
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22 May 13

Poland edges closer to US Visa Waiver Program deal

A successful vote in the US Senate means Poland's long-awaited and much-coveted accession to the US Visa Waiver Program edges a little closer.
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18 Apr 13

Polish Ambassador hopeful of joining US Visa Waiver Program

Poland's Ambassador to the United States Ryszard Schnepf has said he is hopeful Poland will be permitted to join the US Visa Waiver Program.
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15 Apr 13

Israeli access to US Visa Waiver Program still faltering

American reluctance to allow Israel access to its coveted Visa Waiver Program has continued after the Israeli government continues to grant American passport holders the same freedoms when visiting Israel.
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11 Apr 13

Senator calls for Niagara Falls inclusion on US tourism list

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer has said BrandUSA, the country's official tourism body, should be doing more to support Niagara Falls internationally as a US tourism destination.
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25 Mar 13

The Saturdays in trouble over US visa photos

Girl-band The Saturdays were in trouble with American authorities last week after attempting to use airbrushed photos in the US visa applications.
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27 Feb 13

US tourism spending hits record high

Recently released figures show foreign tourists holidaying in the US spent almost $170 billion in 2012, a record high and a 10% increase on the year before.
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22 Feb 13

Congolese cinema starlet gets US visa in time for Oscars

The teenage star of an Academy Award nominated film has been granted a US visa so she can attend the ceremony.
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07 Feb 13

Polish Visa Waiver Program deal back on the table

Legislation which would allow Polish tourists to visit the country without the need for a US visa has been introduced in the Houses of Congress.
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05 Feb 13

ESPN sign up US tourism deal

American sports broadcaster ESPN has joined forces with Brand USA, the country's top marketing body, to promote US tourism throughout Europe.
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