20 Jan 06

H1-B Visa Exemption Cap Reached

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) announced on Wednesday that the annual exemption cap on H-1B visas was reached four months into the current fiscal year.
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16 Dec 05

Bill Passes in US House of Representatives to Eliminate Greencard Lottery

The House of Representatives passed a bill that contains an amendment to eliminate the diversity visa lottery.
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07 Dec 05

Citizenship test getting back to basics

Questions on the nation's citizenship test will be revised to focus on basic civics and won't be the sort that would stir academic debate, the head of the federal citizenship office said Tuesday.
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02 Dec 05

TSA unveils enhanced security screening procedures and changes to the prohibited items list

Airline travelers can expect to see more random screenings, fewer prohibited items and a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workforce more dedicated to detecting and defeating more serious threats, such as explosives.
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21 Nov 05

Computer staffing firm to pay US$2.65 million for immigration law violations

An American computer staffing firm has agreed to pay $US2.25 million in back wages to 232 computer professionals and a US$400,000 fine to settle immigration law violations.
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09 Nov 05

Visa Bulletin for December 2005: Immigrant numbers

Immigrant Numbers For December 2005
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28 Jun 05

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

The new Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) became law on June 28, 2002. This modern and balanced legislation replaces the former 25-year-old Immigration Act.
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