25 March 2013

The Saturdays in trouble over US visa photos

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Girl-band The Saturdays were in trouble with American authorities last week after attempting to use airbrushed photos in the US visa applications.

US visa

The Saturdays attempted to use airbrushed photos on their US visa applications.

The group were travelling to America to film their reality show 'Chasing The Saturdays' when they were stopped for attempting to use digitally enhanced photos on their US visa applications.

Speaking to Alan Carr on the Channel 4 show Chatty Man, the singers said they were forced to retake natural photos after a US immigration official spotted the airbrushing.

"We were all in a queue and the worst thing was when I up first to sort out the visa," said band-member Mollie King.

"The man looked down at the picture and goes 'excuse me ma'am but has your photo been digitally enhanced?'"

"So then we had to trek off to the local chemist to have normal ones done," added band mate Rochelle Humes.

The band was heading off to the states after scoring their first UK number one in 14 attempts with their single 'What About Us' featuring Jamaican artist Sean Paul.

However, the clearly weren't counting on American officials' ability to spot Photoshop work better than most.

"If anybody wants to be naked on their passport photo, then don't do it - we tried," said Frankie Sandford.

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