13 Jun 12

Cuban beating leads to Senators' denouncement of US visa leniency

The beating of a Cuban dissident who testified before the American Senate has led to senators to urge President Obama to rethink his leniency in granting Cuban politicians a US visa.
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12 Jun 12

Obama’s US immigration record unlikely to sway voters

While President Obama makes promises to reform the US immigration system in his second term, his record during his first may speak a little louder.
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11 Jun 12

Celebrities receive no special US visa treatment

US immigration officials have said there will be no special treatment for international celebrities when they arrive at American airports and will be subject to the same US visa and security checks as everyone else.
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11 Jun 12

Supreme Court approaching decision on US immigration law

The Supreme Court could be ready to pass their ruling on Arizona's controversial US immigration law, SB 1070, with many reports claiming the news could be bad for immigration advocates.
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30 May 12

Rubio's stance on US immigration labelled hypocritical

Republican Senator Marco Rubio's stance on US immigration has been criticised as hypocritical after the Floridian senator filed a bill which would make it harder for undocumented immigrants to gain a child tax credit.
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29 May 12

Senator’s US visa plan gets business backing

A Texan senator's plan to replace the diversity lottery with a new US visa programme which would allow foreign students graduating from American universities remain in the country has gained the support of technology businesses in the senator's home town.
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28 May 12

US visa demand rockets

American officials confirmed on Friday that demand for the H-1B class of US visa has almost quadrupled compared to last year.
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24 May 12

Castro’s cordial reception contrasts US visa criticism

Despite criticism over the decision to grant Mariela Castro, the daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro, a US visa reaching all the way to the presidential election, Ms Castro received an overwhelmingly positive reception.
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23 May 12

Romney slams Castro US visa decision

Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney has criticised the Obama administration's decision to grant Mariela Castro, the daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro, a US visa as 'greatly disturbing'.
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22 May 12

India’s US visa complaint goes to WTO

India's complaint over apparent discrimination in US visa applications for overseas workers goes to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) this week.
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21 May 12

Pope supports US immigration efforts

Pope Benedict XVI spoke in favour of US immigration reform as he praised American Catholics' efforts to embrace immigrants.
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