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American Business Visa Information

American Business Visas are temporary Non-immigrant Visas which can be for either a short business stay for the purpose of gathering information, attending meetings and conferences, or a longer business commitment such as investment in a business.

Business Visitor (B1) Visa

Treaty (E) Category

The E Visa category requires applicants to be nationals of countries with which America has a commercial trade treaty, and as such their intention would be to enter America to engage in trade or invest in an American business.

Treaty Trader (E1) Visa

Treaty Investor (E2) Visa

Business Immigrant Visa

Every year, the USCIS provides 10,000 Investor (EB5) Visas for eligible investors who are able to establish a commercial presence in America. These visas allow permanent residency after a 2 year conditional residency period.

Investor (EB5) Visa