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Permanent Immigrant Visas: Family Category

American Family Visas are permanent Immigrant Visas, meaning genuine applicants under this category may obtain permanent residency in America if they meet qualifying requirements.

Family migration is based around 2 general categories; one is based on a preference system and the other offers permanent residency regardless of the demand for Immigrant Visas. The latter, the Non-preference Category, is for immediate relatives of American citizens.

Fiancee's of American citizens will need to apply for a temporary non-immigrant K1 Visa if they wish to join their partner in America.

Non-preference Category

Certain immediate relatives of American citizens may receive permanent visas without regard to the preference system of visa allocation.

Spouse Visa

Child Visa

Parent Visa

Preference Category

Relatives of American citizens may apply for migration under a preference system of visa allocation, that is, there is a numerical limit on the amount of applicants who successfully obtain residency.

Sibling Visa

Adult Child Visa

Temporary Non-immigrant Status

Visa holders who are in America on a non-immigrant visa may apply to become a permanent resident at a later stage if they qualify for residency.

Fiancee: K1 Visa