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C-1/D Visa - Crew members

The C-1D visa is a non-immigrant visa class specifically for the use of ship or airline crew who are non US passport holders or permanent residents and allows them entry to and exit from the United States.

The C-1/D Visa

The C-1D visa is for crew members who intend to arrive in and exit from the United States with the same airline or on the same vessel.

C-1/D visas can be issued for individuals or for an entire crew.

A crew member may not be employed in connection with domestic flights or movements of a vessel or aircraft. However, nonimmigrant crewmen may perform crewmember duties through stopovers on an international flight for any United States carrier where such flight uses a single aircraft and has an origination or destination point outside the United States. 

Crew members may include:

A C-1/D visa is also applicable for individuals traveling to America as passengers to join a commercial ship or aircraft.