23 Apr 12

Canadian immigration minister steps in to save family

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has used his discretionary powers to save a Guinean family living in Montréal from deportation.
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20 Apr 12

Canada visa reform seeds doubt among provinces

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's widely publicised Canada visa reform has led to some doubt among Nova Scotia's politicians who claim the new system could overlook the Eastern Province.
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19 Apr 12

New Canada visa programme to attract international entrepreneurs

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has floated the idea of a new Canada visa programme intended to welcome more international innovation to the country.
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18 Apr 12

Canada visa policy to fast track doctors

As part of his immigration reforms, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has stated that doctors, and other much needed professions, would have their Canada visa applications prioritised in order to fast track them into the country.
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17 Apr 12

Canada visa changes confound immigration lawyers

Immigration lawyers have complained about the rapid rate of change being implemented in Canada visa procedures.
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10 Apr 12

Facebook protest against Canada visa backlog policy

A proposed policy to reduce the Canada visa backlog by returning all applications made before 2008 has sparked outrage among some applicants who have taken to Facebook to make their protest known.
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05 Apr 12

Employers to decide Canada visa applications

As part of his ongoing attempt to reform the Canadian immigration system, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has announced that employers will be given discretionary powers to grant Canada visa applications.
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30 Mar 12

Canadian visa applications made prior to 2008 to be rejected

As part of the federal budget announced this week, the government will be rejecting almost 300,000 people who applied for a Canadian visa before 2008 in an effort to tackle the backlog of applications.
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29 Mar 12

Canadian immigration officials to verify immigrants’ skills

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has said skilled immigrants arriving in Canada may soon have to have their credentials verified by a third part before being allowed into the country.
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20 Mar 12

New Canadian visa rules laid out

Canada's citizenship and immigration minister, Jason Kenney, has laid out some of the most important changes to the Canadian immigration system, with language proficiency the most prominent.
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15 Mar 12

Canadian immigration denies visa over autism concerns

A South Korean family in Hamilton, Ontario have been told their Canadian visa application has been denied due to the potential strain on Canada's healthcare and social services their 12 year old son's autism could cause.
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