13 February 2013

Minister lauds overseas Canadian immigration program

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Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has praised the impact of a program designed to prepared immigrants for life in Canada.

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Mr Kenney praised the Canadian immigration program as proof of the government's determination to see new immigrants succeed.

Mr Kenney has long spoken of his intention to transform the Canadian immigration system into one which benefits Canada the most. In line with this the minister placed a moratorium on almost all Canada visa applications and revamped the system to prioritise applicants with language skills and professional qualifications which the Canadian economy is in need of.

As part of the minister's changes, he initiated the Canadian Immigrant Integration Program, designed to give immigrants insight into Canadian culture and life before they departed their home country.

The program, which has offices in the Philippines, China, India and the UK, welcomes immigrants from over 25 countries and 91% of those involved in program have reported the information was useful and beneficial to their move to Canada.

The course is managed by the Association of Community Colleges (ACCC) and includes orientation sessions focused on the Canadian labour market and basic settlement information as well as personal counselling sessions designed to help migrants form a plan of action upon arrival.

ACCC President James Knight said the course benefits all involved.

"This program eliminates the guess work for new immigrants by equipping them with essential information and tools needed to live, find work and establish ties in Canada," said Mr Knight.

"Employers who are trying to address increasing demand for skilled workers also benefit."

And now the program has seen 20,000 graduates, the minister praised its impact on allowing new migrants to adjust better and quicker.

"Our government is committed to helping newcomers succeed," said the minister. "By giving immigrants a better understanding of what to expected before they arrive in Canada, we can help ensure they can more quickly contribute fully to Canada's economic growth and long-term prosperity."

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