21 February 2013

Ministers hail Canada visa record

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Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and Tourism Minister Maxime Bernier have hailed the success of the growing Canadian tourism industry after almost one million visitor visas were approved in 2012.

Canada visa

Canada issued almost one million visitor visas in 2012.

Canada's record number of visas issued in 2012 represents a 40% increase in less than a decade and solidifies Canada's reputation as a genuine contender in the world tourism industry.

"The government is committed to attracting an increasing number of visitors to Canada as part of our plan to grow the Canadian economy and create jobs," said Mr Kenney.

"We strive to issue visas as quickly as possible to facilitate travel for genuine visitors - to welcome tourists, to reunite families - and benefit from the economic spinoff they bring to Canada."

Since 2011 Canada has introduced several changes to its tourist visa policy including doubling the duration of multiple entry visas to 10 years and permitting family members of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to visit for up to 24 months at a time under the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa.

Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism Maxime Bernier added his praise to Mr Kenney's, saying a quick and efficient Canada visa system was to thank for the record number of visas granted.

"Welcoming more international travellers to Canada creates jobs and growth in our country," said Mr Bernier.

"Receiving a visa in a timely and efficient manner is important to our visitors, and helps position Canada competitively as a destination of choice in the world."

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