10 January 2008

Legislative overhaul promised for Canadian immigration

The Canadian immigration minister has proposed new legislation to overhaul the country's citizenship laws. The purpose of the comprehensive new laws would be to clarify the citizenship status of Canadian immigrants. Currently there is some legislative confusion in the citizenship law.

Minister Diane Finley promised: "We are proposing a broad and generous legislative solution that will eliminate complex bureaucratic processes and give people the citizenship status they deserve."

"This legislation will deal with 95 per cent of those people who either lost their citizenship and shouldn't have, or who never had it in the first place but should have. The rest we will be able to handle on a case-by-case basis as we have done all this year," she added.

People born in Canada or who undertook Canadian immigration on or after January 1st, 1947, who have lost citizenship will have their status restored. In addition, those born abroad to Canadians after that date will be recognised as a Canadian citizen from birth.

Minister Finley assured the public that no current Canadian citizens will lose their citizenship status because of the amendments.

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