21 January 2008

Decrease in IT graduates could lead to Canada immigration

A falling number of IT graduates in Canada could result in a larger number of people moving to Canada in order to work in the industry using a Canadian skilled worker visa. A Conference Board study has revealed that the IT sector is in desperate need of employees as 58,000 jobs for IT professionals will be created in the next year.

Craig Boutilier, chairman of the University of Toronto's computer science department, where enrollment to the school is down by 50 per cent from 2002, told globeandmail.com: "When every headline screams layoffs, kids are not going to think about computer science and parents are not going to let them think about computer science. At first it was very hard to get people at the table. People didn't notice what was happening until after the fact.'

It is thought that the current shortages of IT graduates is forcing employers to either scramble to recruit employees in Canada, or look at people taking advantage of Canada immigration to fill the gaps in employment. Finance minister Jim Flaherty recently called for more to be done to boost Canada immigration, in order to solve labour shortages in the country.

Canada needs skilled workers: anyone interested in migrating to Canada, or applying for a Canada Skilled Worker Visa should complete the Canadian Visa Bureau's online assessment to see if they qualify for skilled migration to Canada.

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