10 January 2008

Niagara needs health and tourism workers with Canadian visas

The Canadian regional municipality of Niagara has set up a new immigrant employment council to try to improve the region's ability to attract skilled workers for Canadian immigration. The healthcare, tourism and engineering sectors are experiencing shortages of skilled workers now.

Council co-chairman Paul Leon told the St Catharine's Standard newspaper that Niagara will for the most part depend on internationally trained workers for labour force growth by 2011.
Last year the Niagara Health System (NHS) reported 300 job vacancies and an additional 130 vacancies for registered nurses, according to NHS chief operating officer Bala Kathiresan.

Mr Kathiresan confirmed that the situation is likely to get worse with up to 20 per cent of NHS employees and 24 per cent of managers will soon be eligible for retirement. He hopes that Canadian immigration will help fill the gaps in the health sector, as well as in business and engineering.

"Innovation depends on creative individuals who dream up new ideas and turn them into reality. The winner of international economic competition for economic supremacy will be those nations who welcome talented, skilled and creative individuals into their homes from all corners of the world," he added.

The new immigration council will work with local employers to increase awareness of the skills and experience offered by Canadian immigration workers.

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