25 January 2008

Canada immigration needed to solve IT skills shortage

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Canada is currently suffering from a crisis in IT labour shortages which could be solved with Canada immigration. Bell Canada, the Canadian Coalition for tomorrow's IT Skills has spoken out of its concerns for the IT industry in Canada as the number of prospective employees decreases.

Stephane Boisvert, president of the Bell Enterpirse Group said: "If left uncontested, the IT skills gap will create gaps in our economic performance, gaps in our productivity, and gaps in our ability to compete globally. It is in everyone's interest to close those gaps as quickly as possible." Dr Michael Bloom, of the Organisational Effectiveness and Learning for the Conference Board of Canada, agreed with the view on the IT skills shortage in Canada. He said the repercussions for the industry will be "severe" if these positions remain unfilled.

People from the UK who wish to help with the skills crisis would need a Canadian Skilled Worker Visa. Bell Enterprise Group is one of the largest communications companies in Canada It provides information and communications technology to businesses and governments.

Canada welcomes new immigrants: The Canadian Visa Bureau can assist skilled IT workers interested in Canadian immigration. More information on Canadian visas is available on the website. Anyone applying for a Canadian visa should begin by completing the online Canadian visa application to see if they meet the legislative requirements.

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