28 January 2009

Visa woes set back Lady Sovereign's US tour

Lady Sovereign's tour of America will be delayed due to American visa issues.

The UK rapper will have to set back her show by a week because her visa for America did not get approval in time. 

Her publicists say her shows in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles will each be performed a week following the original dates, and she has posted a public apology on the website Twitter.

"Sorry!  Just got word that the US secret show dates have been delayed to February 'cause of Visa issues.  Dates are confirmed, but waiting to share 'em," Lady Sovereign said.

Being an entertainer, Lady Sovereign and her entourage would be waiting approval for her P-1 Entertainment Groups visa, which allows non-US citizens or non-US permanent residents who are professional athletes, artists and entertainers to enter into the United States for a specific competition or performance.  The P-1 visa for entertainment groups is for those groups who are internationally recognised as outstanding.  Group means two or more persons established as one entity or unit to perform or to provide a service.  The P-1 visa is not for individual performers.

The American Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in American visa and immigration services.

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