28 January 2009

New York Senator to change guest worker programme

Kirsten Gillibrand, successor to New York's Hillary Clinton, has announced her grand plans to clean up U.S. immigration and create a five-year guest worker visa with a pathway to American citizenship.

As transcribed in My Latino News, Ms Gillibrand has promised in an interview this week she would work to make the lives of immigrants in America easier, firstly by proposing amendments to the guest worker programme.

Currently, those who apply for a visa for America under the guest worker program can stay in America for five years, but must leave the country for twelve months after two years has been completed.

Ms Gillibrand claims this is setting America up for illegal immigration, as many of the guest workers would not want to return to their country. 

Her plan is to introduce a five-year guest worker American visa, which can be extended another five years and then can offer a pathway to citizenship.

"That’s the kind of program that people can count on when they come across, they know they have a job for five years and that they can renew it for another five years so if they wanna be here for a certain amount of time, they can have that consistency and they know what their lives are gonna be like, and then have a way for them to apply for their citizenship," she said.

In related news, thousands of people kick-started a campaign on President Obama's inauguration so that American immigration reform would be a top priority for Obama's first term.  The campaign involved a march and 10,000 letters being sent to the White House protesting for immigration reform.

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