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Emigration to Canada

Canada’s enviable standard of living, spectacular scenery, first class education system and abundant job opportunities make it an extremely popular choice for potential migrants. Combine that with its relative proximity to Europe compared with other migration hotspots, and it's clear why so many people are looking to Canada to start a new life.

Skilled Emigration to Canada

Canada’s skilled worker program is the most popular option for emigration to Canada and allows successful applicants to relocate as permanent residents. Canada grants well over 300,000 skilled worker visas each year and the newly lowered pass mark means that more people now qualify for this route.

For immigration to Canada through the Skilled Worker program, candidates must meet the Basic Requirements and pass the Canadian immigration Points Test to qualify.

Skilled workers have education, work experience, knowledge of English and/or French and other abilities that will help them to establish themselves successfully as permanent residents in Canada.

Skilled Worker Class

Canada is looking for skilled workers and is actively trying to recruit skilled workers into its economy. Skilled workers generally have skills that will allow them to make an immediate contribution to the Canadian economy.
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Other immigration classes to Canada include:
Family Class

Canada's immigration policy is extremely pro-active when it comes to family reunification. The family class allows for family members already residing in Canada to sponsor family members including parents, grandparents, dependents children, spouses, common-law and same sex partners.
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Business Class

There are three methods of entry to Canada under the business scheme: Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self Employed Persons. Business immigrants are expected to support the growth of the Canadian economy.
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