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Australia Working Holiday Guide & Platinum Card Info

Your Australian working holiday guide - more than just a visa!

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Upon successfully qualifying for an Australian Working Holiday Visa with the Australian Visa Bureau, you'll be issued our exclusive Working Holiday Guide.  A full colour, professionally printed guide designed specifically for working holidaymakers, it includes all the information you'll need for your year Down Under, with detailed listings for accommodation, employment, restaurants, bars, clubs and activities for all of Australia's biggest towns and cities.  What's more, it also fills you in on all the exclusive discounts you'll receive with your Visa Bureau Platinum Card.

Access all-areas to great Australia offers - the Visa Bureau Platinum Card

The Visa Bureau Platinum Card gives you £600 worth of freebies and discounts on your Australian Working Holiday, ranging from free nights in some of the country's best hostels to discount coach passes, savings on your travel insurance, free surf lessons and much, much more! 

The Platinum Card also gives you access to the members-only Platinum Card site, where you'll be kept informed of all the new discounts and offers we add to our Platinum Card package.  To take advantage of these exclusive offers, apply for your Australia Working Holiday Visa with Visa Bureau today.

Already have your Platinum Card?

If you've already received your Visa Bureau Platinum Card, register or log-on to the Platinum Card site.  Once you're there, you can check out all the offers you're eligible for, see if any new discounts or savings have been added to the Visa Bureau offer package and check out everything you need to be prepared for your Australia Working Holiday!

How much do the Visa Bureau Platinum Card discounts come to?

The total amount of discounts you can get with your Visa Bureau Platinum Card comes to £600 – check it out below to see how it adds up!

Free Australian SIM Card

For a limited time, we will be sending each client the bonus of a FREE AUSTRALIAN SIM CARD from Vodafone. The SIM will be pre-loaded with AU$2 of credit and instructions on how to register it to your phone so you can get set to make calls as soon as you touch down in Australia.
Free SIM Card

£25 off your flight with STA Travel


With STA Travel, experience is everything, and as a Visa Bureau Platinum Card holder, you can take advantage of an exclusive £25 DISCOUNT on flights to New Zealand and Australia and a number of different offerings designed to help you prepare both before and after you arrive Down Under.

£25 discount

15% off travel insurance with Columbus

Columbus Direct

Better safe than sorry, it’s strongly recommended that you get travel insurance for your year out Down Under, and we can provide you with an exclusive 15% OFF TRAVEL INSURANCE when you book with Columbus Direct!

(Discount based on a 12 month bronze single trip insurance quote.)
£50 blue

8 nights free accommodation


Visa Bureau and our backpacker hostel partners around Australia are pleased to offer you up to 8 NIGHTS FREE ACCOMMODATION, dependent on the offer conditions. Full details of how to claim your free nights stay are available in the Working Holiday Guide.

(Discount based on the average price of a night’s stay in a shared dorm in our eight partner hostels.)



Visa Bureau is working exclusively with Skydive the Beach to give clients a $30 DISCOUNT off a 14,000 ft tandem skydive at three of Sky Dive the Beach’s locations across Australia PLUS a free Skydive the Beach t-shirt to remember your experience!

(Discount based on a $30 discount and price of free t-shirt.)
£25 discount

15% OFF Whitsundays Sailing Adventures


Visa Bureau is working exclusively with Whitsundays Sailing Adventures to give clients a 15% DISCOUNT off all packages!

With a large fleet of 26 vessels all offering different trip, it’s perfect for any traveller keen to have an adventure on the gorgeous crystal clear waters that surround Australia's Whitsunday Islands, and you can pre-book 12 months in advance.

(Discount based on a two day, one night trip in a shared dorm on a Whitsundays sailing trip.)
£40 discount

Free surf lesson with Manly Surf School


Manly Surf School is one of the country's top surf schools, and they're giving Visa Bureau clients ONE FREE SURF LESSON. To be eligible for the offer, clients will be required to book a three surf lesson package, one of which you will not be charged for (so it's essentially buy two, get one free!)

(Discount based on booking a three lesson package.)
£30 discount


Visa Bureau is working exclusively with Dropbear Adventures, the best 4WD tour on Fraser Island, to offer clients a 15% DISCOUNT on any of their tours!
(Discount based on booking a 4WD day tour.)
£25 discount

Change your flights whenever you want with the STA Multiflex Pass

STA Multiflex Pass
On average, a traveller on a round the world trip will change their flight dates 5 times. By buying your date changes up front with the STA Travel Multiflex Pass you could SAVE OVER £100 and change your mind during your trip, without having to worry about the cost (or airline fees charged by other travel companies).
There are two options available - a 3 flight date change pass for £69, or an unlimited flight date change pass for £99.Without the pass, one flight date change costs a minimum of £45 in addition to any fee levied by the airline, meaning holding the Multiflex Pass could save you hundreds of pounds.
£100 discount


So in total, the Visa Bureau Platinum Card discounts will save you £600. What's more, we've come to this figure using the most commonly used options for each offer and activity - you could easily see the savings you make with your Platinum Card hit over £1,000 if you choose to book an extra tour or two while you're on your year out Down Under!


What else do I get?

There’s still more! You’ll also get help with these essential parts of your working holiday.


The guidebook will also include details on how you can apply for a Tax File Number (TFN) online once you land in Australia that gives you the right to work in Australia.

Get a free Australian Mailbox TO MAKE GETTING YOUR Australian tax back EASY 

Super Tax Refunds provide a fully managed service to help obtain Australian tax refunds for travellers and expatriates returning to the UK after working in Australia. Part of this is providing you with a free Australian mailbox where you can have all your important employment documents sent to while you're still working in Australia.
They'll make sure that they're kept secure and send you an email notification whenever they receive anything, so it's the easiest way to make sure that you have everything when you come to apply for your Australian tax refund! All you have to do is ask your Australian employers to send your documents to the following address:
Free Mailbox
PO Box 1335
QLD 421


The Commonwealth Bank is one of Australia's largest banks, and by using their online form, you can open an account prior to leaving the UK.


To take advantage of all our exclusive offers and use our professional service to get your Australia working holiday visa, take our free online application