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Training Courses for Casual Work in Australia

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Training Courses with the Australian Visa Bureau

Hospitality and construction are among the most popular industries for casual and temporary workers in Australia. However, there are mandatory training requirements that need to be met before you can work in these sectors.

All courses involve training and assessment, and it is essential that you complete a course for the industry that you wish to work in. Your prospective employers will request proof that you have completed a course before they employ you, in order to comply with the requisite laws and legislations.

The training requirements differ depending on which Australian state you are working in:

Training courses for New South Wales - The William Angliss Institute

As a Visa Bureau Platinum Card holder, you will receive a 10% discount on any course on The William Angliss Institute website, just go to the shopping cart page once you've added your courses to your cart, and enter the exclusive coupon code 23871922 in the coupon field and click 'Update cart'.

You'll then see the price update with the 10% discount applied so you can complete payment and book your courses! See below for information on a few of the New South Wales training courses offered by The William Angliss Institute.

Bar work - RSA certificate

In NSW, the RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate is compulsory for anyone looking to work in the liquor industry, including licensees, club secretaries, permanent and casual serving staff and security staff. However, it MUST be granted from a Liquor Administration Board approved provider, which includes The William Angliss Institute.

Working around gambling - RCG certificate

The RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling) certificate is compulsory for anyone working around poker machines and assist gamblers and gaming patrons. As most bars in Sydney and NSW also have on-site gambling machines, it is necessary to have this certificate too when seeking bar work.

Working with food - Food Safety Supervisors Course

The Food Safety Supervisors Course is compulsory for anyone working in hospitality or retail handling food.

Training courses for all other Australian states - Quality Hospitality International (QHI)

QHI's training courses can be completed both online at QHI's website and face-to-face at their Victoria based training centre. Visa Bureau clients will get a $10 discount on all  course bundles and a $5 discount on single course purchases.

Course Bundles

  • RSA & RSG Bundle
    Currently $90.00 - Visa Bureau clients pay $80.00 
  • RSA & Food Handlers Bundle
    Currently $95.00 - Visa Bureau clients pay $85.00
  • Start Work Bundle
    Currently $110.00 - Visa Bureau clients pay $100.00

Single Courses

  • RSA (both National & QLD)
    Currently $60.00 - Visa Bureau clients pay $55.00
  • Food Handlers course
    Currently $60.00 - Visa Bureau clients pay $55.00
  • RSG Queensland
    Currently $60.00 - Visa Bureau clients pay $55.00
  • RSG Victoria
    Currently $90.00 - Visa Bureau clients pay $85.00

'Start Work' Bundle - get a $10 discount and get ready to work!

Quality Hospitality International has put together a special 'Start Work' bundle which is especially suited to the backpacker market wanting to work in hospitality in Australia. Get the edge at interviews when you arrive accredited and ready to start work!

Purchase this bundle on QHI's website and you can complete all the hospitality courses you need to work in most parts of Australia. This bundle includes the following courses:

On completion of each course you will be able to instantly download your statement of attainment or certificate. On purchasing this bundle you will receive logins for the three courses

Each course will take you approximately 2- 4 hours to complete, although you can log-in and out whenever you like and the system will remember where you are up to

Note: For the safety induction training course for construction workers in Western Australia (i.e. the Blue Card), online training is provided through QHI's partners, TrainMeOnline. However, please be aware that your card will NOT be issued until your arrival in Australia.