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Working in Australia

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Working in Australia can be a great opportunity, either to further a career or start a new one. There is plenty of opportunity on offer in Australia but like any other country, the job market can be very competitive, meaning it can take time, and more than a little patience, to find the ideal job.

While patience is necessary to find a job that suits your circumstances, any job has to be in line with whichever Australia visa you might be entering the country on, such as ensuring the position is in a specified location.

Finding work

The federal government runs a service known as MyFuture which also has input from all states and territory governments and allows you to explore career options in Australia.

There are plenty of websites dedicated to helping people find work in Australia which allow you to filter your job search down through industry, occupation and location. A few of the most popular include:

Further assistance can be had from the government through the Human Services resource.

Registration and licensing

Depending on the industry you nitend to enter in Australia, you may need to be licensed or registered with a governing body. These bodies often exist to due processes are followed throughout the industry, such as checking for identification for buying alcohol.

Some of the industries which require licensing or registration include the hospitality industry (for serving alcohol) and the gambling industry.

For most industries you need registration for, obtaining the correct certificates etc. will be your responsibility, so make sure you have thoroughly researched the industry and how to get them before you apply for a position, as not having them risks making you ineligible for the position.


Applying for a job in Australia is a very similar process to the UK but following convention for your first job in Australia will often create a more confident impression with an employer.

When applying, it is important to include:

Getting the job

If you are offered the position, it is likely you will receive a formal offer, either via phone or letter. The wage level may be negotiable although it is inadvisable to assume this is the case.

You should also receive a contract containing the terms and conditions of the position. This will likely include the wage, duties, holiday entitlements and any benefits you may be entitled to.

You will need an Australian Tax Number to ensure your new employer can deduct the correct amount of tax.


Unions in Australia exist to ensure workers have bargaining power when it comes to organising wage structures, working conditions and workplace equality. Unions can also offer benefits to workers such as legal advice and even representation in the event of a conflict.

While joining a union is rarely mandatory, joining one can be extremely beneficial.


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