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Why Emigrate to Australia?

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Why does Australia need skilled migrants from the UK and Ireland?

A thriving economy and the need for skilled workers are just two of the needs that underlay Australia's migration policy.  Considered one of the world's leading immigration systems for servings its country's needs, the Australia government  specifically targets workers from the UK, Ireland and other highly-regarded countries with its skilled visa programmes.

Why do so many people in the UK and Ireland emigrate to Australia?

The migration process has become less of an unknown factor, with magazines and television programmes documenting how ordinary people can make the move from UK to Australia (with Wanted Down Under being one of the most popular and well-known, which featured a number of Visa Bureau clients navigating the migration process).

In addition to the greater level of understanding regarding the process itself, there are a number of other 'push factors' acting on people in the UK and Ireland, making emigrating to Australia an appealing idea.  In turn, Australia has powerful 'pull factors' which make it the top destination for emigrants from both Ireland and the UK.

Push factors - why emigrate?

  • High cost of living, from the price of petrol to the cost of property.
  • Lack of access to good schools and family facilities.
  • Crowded cities and dissatisfaction with quality of life.
  • Difficult to access high-paying jobs and earn a salary that matches the rapid rate of inflation.
  • Cold climate and pollution.
  • Family and friends already moved abroad.
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pull factors - why choose Australia?

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How can you start on the path to Australian emigration?

By completing a free online Australian skilled visa application, you can determine just what your chances are of successfully migrating to Australia.  Successfully passing the basic requirements means you stand in an excellent position to take the first step towards migrating to Australia, and you'll be entitled to a free telephone consultation with a qualified and experienced Visa Bureau migration consultant.