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Australian Retirement Visa

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An Investor Retirement Visa is a temporary entry visa only. It does not lead to permanent residence in Australia or to Australian citizenship.

If you are considering applying for an Investor Retirement Visa, the principal applicant must be:

The Investor Retirement Visa does not provide any entitlement to coverage by Medicare (Australia's national health cover) or to Australian social security benefits. The applicant will be required to hold private medical coverage for the duration of their visa.

A State/Territory government agency must sponsor a person for the Investor Retirement Visa, and an investment must be made with the sponsoring State/Territory government treasury corporation.

Information provided by applicants regarding their intended place of residence in Australia will determine the amount required by them for settlement, annual income and Designated Investment to meet the financial requirement for the grant of an Investor Retirement Visa.

If your application is approved, you will be given a visa that will allow multiple entry travel in and out of Australia initially for 4 years. Before your visa expires, you may apply to remain for a further stay of 4 years, however, you will need to satisfy particular criteria for this visa. There is no maximum period for which you can remain in Australia as the holder of consecutive Investor Retirement Visas.

There are no concessions if you have any family or children in Australia.