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Instant Online ETA Visa

Visa Bureau is not affiliated with the Australian Government but is a website.

In most cases, Visa Bureau is able to process ETA visas instantly, although we recommend visitors to Australia apply at least a week in advance of their departure.

If visitors do not have a visa, they could be refused permission to board a flight or vessel to Australia.

ETA Visa Processing Times

Once an ETA application is submitted online, Visa Bureau begins processing the application immediately and in over 90% of cases notification of a visa grant is made within seconds.

Processing can be delayed if;

If an application has been made with incorrect details it will be sent for manual processing and may take up to no more than 2 business days.

ETA Visa Referrals

If an application has been referred to the Australian High Commission, this is because the applicant's details may be similar to someone who is of interest to the Australian Government.

It does not mean a visa has been refused; but it requires an immigration officer to process the visa application. There is an additional 3 working day period of wait for referred ETA applications. In some cases further information about the applicant may be required by the Department of Immigration.

More information about referrals and ETA visas in general are included on our ETA visa frequently asked questions page.

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