06 October 2009

Steps towards China-Japan union include talks on China visa

Previously sworn enemies for more than a century, Japan and China have entered into discussions about the possibility of joining together to create a union similar to the European Union.

If Japan and China do form a union, or "East Asian Community", it would make them a very powerful economic force in the world and improve economic and political relationships, potentially even obtaining a common currency.

Currently Japan is the world's second-largest economy and China is the third largest.

The union is in early stages of discussion, but areas of co-operation include the removal of China Visa restrictions and vice versa, public heath, energy and the environment.

The rapid pace of the discussions has been attributed to efforts by the new Japanese Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama, to build new relationships with the country's neighbours after decades of previous right-wing governments turning only to the US.

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