29 April 2008

Citizenship test results success for Australian visa applicants

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People engaging in Australian immigration are proving successful in the citizenship test, with almost 95 per cent of people passing it. Figures released from the minister for immigration and citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, said that the high level of people passed the test either first time, or on a subsequent attempt.

The results are for the last six months, up to the end of March this year, since the test was introduced last October as part of the Australian visa requirements. The figures also show a boom in the number of people choosing to take the test, with over 16,000 taking it in the first three months of this year, compared to over 9,000 in three months last year.

Mr Evans said: "Overall pass rates improved from 93 per cent in the first three months to 94.9 per cent over the whole six months." Of the 4,119 UK candidates who took the citizenship test, just 43 failed.

The figures also show good results for skilled Australian immigrants, with 99 per cent of them having passed the test. Mr Evans said the results will be taken into account in the current review of the test.

Australia's citizenship test is currently being re-assessed, with a committee of seven people meeting to decide on any changes to it.

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