15 May 2008

Changes to Canadian immigration criticised by association

Proposed changes to the immigration system in Canada have been criticised by the Canadian Bar Association (CBA). The group objects to amendments to Bill C-50 which it describes as "not necessary" and a "major step backwards".

Stephen Green from the association said: "The amendments are not necessary to meet Canada's immigration goals," suggesting the existing system is adequate for those seeking a Canadian visa. The proposals from the government would mean certain applicants are fast-tracked, if they fall into preferred job categories. These include doctors and other skilled labourers.

Diane Finley, the Immigration Minister, said that the government will work with regions, employers and stakeholders. She added that the scheme was aimed at improving the application experience for visa applicants, adding that it would encourage those seeking immigration to Canada to get appropriate skills for the country's job market needs. While the CBA admits that the system could do with altering it has stated it does not feel this is the way to progress.

Canada welcomes new immigrants: The Canadian Visa Bureau can assist skilled workers interested in Canadian immigration. More information on Canadian visas is available on the website. Anyone applying for a Canadian visa should begin by completing the online Canadian visa application to see if they meet the legislative requirements.

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