01 May 2008

Post-grad students set to enjoy streamlined Canadian visa application

The first students who will be automatically eligible to apply for a Canadian visa without going back to their home country are to graduate this year. The Economic Times has reported that normally students would have to return to their home country before applying for a Canadian visa, but the new rules mean this year's wave of post-graduate students will not have to.

Maria Mathai, director of the Canadian Education Centre, said: "This will be the first batch of international post-graduate students in Canada who can apply for permanent residence without having to come back to their home countries after their courses."

This news comes as the Economic Times also reports that the country's Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Diane Finley, has announced changes to work permits for some students, reports the website. The alterations will mean that people on certain courses will be able to obtain a work permit with no restrictions on the job offer or type of employment.

In further migration news reflecting Canada's effortd to encourage skilled migrants, there has also been an annoucement regarding plans to fast-track some visa applications of people from certain industries, in order to reduce the waiting times.

Canada welcomes new immigrants: The Canadian Visa Bureau can assist skilled workers interested in Canadian immigration. More information on Canadian visas is available on the website. Anyone applying for a Canadian visa should begin by completing the online Canadian visa application to see if they meet the legislative requirements.

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