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Medical Examinations

You must pass a medical examination before coming to Canada. Your dependants must also pass a medical examination even if they are not coming with you.

Do You Meet The Medical Examination Requirements?

Applications for permanent residence will not be accepted if that person's health:

Medical Examination Instructions

Instructions on how to take the medical examination will normally be sent to you after you submit your immigration application.


You can only use your examination results in your application for 12 months from when you had the examination. If you are not admitted to Canada as a permanent resident within this time, you will be required to undergo another examination.

Authorized Doctors

Your own doctor cannot do the medical examination. You must see a physician on Canada's list of Designated Medical Practitioners.

Medical Report Procedures

Medical reports and X-rays for the medical examination become the property of the Canadian Immigration Medical Authorities and cannot be returned to you.

The doctor will not tell you the results of the medical examination but will let you know if you have a health-related problem.

The DMP does not make the final decision. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will make the final decision on whether or not your medical examination has been passed for immigration purposes.

Do You Meet The Medical Examination Requirements?