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Wanted Down Under

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What is Wanted Down Under?

The allure of Australia is so strong in the UK that the Australian emigration phenomenon has spawned its own television programme.  Wanted Down Under is a popular BBC programme following British families as they contemplate moving to Australia. 

The programme takes a look at families in the UK and investigates the reasons why they are contemplating a move to AustraliaWanted Down Under also follows newly-migrated families to Australia to get a feel for how they're settling into their new Australian lives. 

The Australian Visa Bureau and Wanted Down Under

Wanted Down Under does not gloss over the potential difficulties emigrants to Australia may face, especially the hurdles of the visa application process.  The Australian Visa Bureau can vouch for the programme's authenticity, as the first series focussed on a number of Visa Bureau clients trying to navigate the Australian visa application, skills assessment, and waiting for their permanent residence to be confirmed. Bob Ashton and Cal and Gary Wall were two examples of Visa Bureau clients that the programme followed on the path to successfull Australian emigration in the first series.

All in all, Wanted Down Under presents an honest and positive picture of migrating to Australia.  For applicants with a job on the Critical Skills List, who are under 45 years old and committed to moving to Australia, the Australian government will put a visa application on the fast track to success. For news on when it next airs, find out from the BBC website.