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Critical Skills List

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The Critical Skills List has now been withdrawn. The Critical Skills List has now been withdrawn. Please refer to the new Australian SOL for details of which occupations will be eligible under the updated General Skilled Migration program.

Before 1 July, 2010, Australian visa applicants with occupations on the Critical Skills List were eligible to have their applications given priority processing over those with other occupations on the MODL.

The Critical Skills List gave priority processing to applicants in the medical, engineering and construction fields; as well as people working in key IT professions.

Points test scores for occupations on the MODL are not affected.

Current Australian Critical Skills List - Updated 16/03/2009

Occupation ASCO Code
Anaesthetist 2312-11
Dentist 2381-11
Electronic Equipment Trades 4315-11
Emergency Medicine Specialist 2312-15
Engineer - Chemical 2129-17
Engineer - Civil 2124-11
Engineer - Electrical 2125-11
Engineer - Electronics 2125-13
Engineer - Mechanical 2126-11
Engineer - Mining 2127-11
Engineer - Production or Plant Engineer 2126-13
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Avionics 4114-15
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Mechanical 4114-11
Gasfitter 4431-13
General Medical Practitioner 2311-11
Medical Diagnostic Radiographer 2391-11
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist 2312-17
Occupational Therapist 2383-11
Pharmacist (Hospital) 2382-11
Pharmacist (Retail) 2382-15
Physiotherapist 2385-11
Podiatrist 2388-11
Psychiatrist 2312-27
Quantity Surveyor 2122-11
Registered Mental Health Nurse 2325-11
Registered Midwife 2324-11
Registered Nurse 2323-11
Secondary School Teacher 2413-11
Specialist Medical Practitioners NEC 2312-79
Specialist Physician 2312-25
Surgeon 2312-31
Surveyor 2123-13
Urban & Regional Planner 2523-11
Wall and Floor Tiler 4416-11
Speech Pathologist 2386-11
Sonographer 2391-17
Ophthalmologist 2312-19
Paediatrician 2312-21
Pathologist 2312-23
Radiologist 2312-29
Accountant - (where the applicant has achieved a score of at least IELTS 7 in each of the four competencies, and/or has completed The Professional Year) 2211-11

Note: In addition to the list above, Computing Professionals (who have professions and specialties on the current MODL) will qualify under the CSL.