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Student Guardian for Study Visas

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From the 1st of January 2004, a legal custodian or relative of a Study Visa holder in Australia may apply to accompany the visa holder as a student guardian if they are under 18 years of age. This may be a physical or cultural need for an adult companion to accompany a student to Australia.

Student Guardian Visa Requirements

A student guardian must:

Except in exceptional circumstances, the student guardian must be related to the applicant in one of the following ways:

Student guardians must meet the basic criteria of health, character, health insurance, debts to the Commonwealth of Australia, custody arrangements, and accommodation and general welfare.

They must also meet all financial requirements for students. This means they will need to show they have enough money to pay for living expenses, education costs and travel for the duration of the course. They will also need to show that they have enough money for themselves, their spouse and all of their children aged under 18 years, whether or not they will be coming to Australia with them.

In addition: