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Designated Investment: Business Visa Categories

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A Designated Investment is necessary to qualify for the Australian Investor Business Visa categories.

The Designated Investments offered by the State/Territory Treasury Corporations are:

A$750,000 if you are applying under the State/Territory Sponsored Investor category; or

A$1.5million if you are applying under the Investor category with interest paid every 6 months;

Repayment of principal on maturity is guaranteed by the State/Territory government issuing the security.

Tax Obligations

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has advised income you earn from your investment in Australia is subject to tax under Australian taxation law. Income earned in Australia by non-residents is subject to 10% withholding tax which will automatically be deducted from the interest earned on your Designated Investment until you provide an Australian tax file number and evidence of your status to the agency in which you have made your investment.

The ATO strongly advises people arriving in Australia for the first time as business entrants to contact the ATO and apply for a tax file number.

When and How to Make a Designated Investment

To make a Designated Investment you should contact at least one State/Territory Treasury Corporation. They will forward current information on the terms and conditions and an investment application form and detailed instruction on how to lodge a Designated Investment in their State/Territory. If you are applying under the State and Territory Sponsored category you must lodge a Designated Investment with the Treasury Corporation of the State/Territory that is sponsoring you.

At the initial inquiry stage, the Treasury Corporation can only indicate the likely rate of return on a proposed investment. The actual rate of return on your investment will be set when you deposit your funds in the Designated Investment. Interest rates change regularly and may differ between State/Territory Treasury Corporations.

You should not make a Designated Investment for any Business Visa categories until you are advised in writing to do so by your Australian Visa Bureau case worker.