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Australian Business Visa Extension: Business Visas

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Australian 457 Independent Executive Visa holders currently in Australia can apply for a Business Visa extension called a Temporary Business Entry Visa.

The Temporary Business Entry Visa was developed in recognition that an emerging number of Independent Executive Visa holders in Australia were facing expiry of their visa, but were legitimately in business and required more time to be eligible to apply for permanent residence.

This visa allows for Independent Executive Visa holders to extend their stay in Australia and apply for permanent residence under the:

The 457IE FAO is a 2 year, multiple entry visa which allows 457 Independent Executive Visa holders to remain in Australia and continue their business activities as an owner and principal.

The spouse of the original 457IE Visa holder who has been engaged in business in Australia as an owner and principal of that business may also apply for a 457IE FAO as the principal applicant.

Requirements for 457IE FAO

Below is a general summary only of the main criteria that may affect the eligibility of an applicant.

All of the above criteria must be met if you wish to qualify for an extension of your Australian Business Visa.