03 March 2010

UK immigration protecting borders by international co-operation

A new strategy by the UK government looks to prevent illegal UK immigration in the source country, the Borders and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said.

UK immigration

An international action plan has been announced to protect UK immigration and borders.

UK immigration and borders will be protected by a closer relationship than ever with foreign governments, sharing data and intelligence with enforcement agencies abroad, and ensuring that developing countries have the skills they need.

The international action plan is a joint strategy by the Home Office and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, to prevent human traffickers, forgers and foreign criminals at the source, and to also allow more circular migration between the UK and developing countries to share skills and experience.

The plan - entitled 'International challenges, international solutions: managing the movement of people and goods' - looks at proposals to allow skilled temporary residents in the UK to pause their process to citizenship so that they can return home and contribute their expertise.

This would allow developing nations the chance to benefit from these skilled workers without interfering with the workers' path to citizenship in the UK.

The UK Border Agency's successes in the past year include:

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