23 December 2010

Universities welcome Australian Student Visa review

The federal government’s review on the student visa system has been welcomed by universities in Australia in light of the recent collapse in the number of overseas students.

Australian Student Visa

The review of the Australian Student Visa system has been welcomed by universities.

Last week, The Australia immigration department announced the review alongside an immediate package of measures designed to ease restrictions – restrictions that have been one part of a range of issues that have seen a decline in student applications from key markets such as India and China.

Other factors such as the global recession, the strong Australian dollar and the fallout from attacks on Indian students are also believed to have affected enrolments as students head to other countries such as the US, Canada and the UK.

Peter Coaldrake, chair of Universities Australia and vice-chancellor of Queensland University of Technology, said the review must show that Australia is serious about improving its procedures and correcting the negative perception that has arisen.

"This will send a strong positive signal to source countries and to prospective overseas students," he said.

The immediate changes announced by the government includes a lowering of the financial levels required for Australian Student Visa applications made by people from 38 countries, including India and China, from April 2011.

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