19 January 2011

Global Australian tourism blitz to attract visitors to the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Tourism has launched a world-wide tourism campaign to highlight the city has not been affected by the flooding and that it is ready to welcome overseas tourists.

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The Gold Coast is undertaking a major tourism drive to encourage overseas tourists to visit.

Gold Coast Tourism boss Martin Winter met with tourism agents and members of the media in Taiwan yesterday and today will visit China and Hong Kong as part of the trip which is designed to highlight that the city is open for business.

Other Gold Coast Tourism staff is working to promote the region in key international markets including India, the Middle East, Singapore, the United Kingdom and New Zealand in an effort to stop people cancelling their holidays after seeing media reports of devastated areas.

“There has been a general misunderstanding overseas thanks to reports by CNN and other English language stations that the whole of Queensland has been affected,'' Mr Winter said.

Mr Winter said the Chinese market was crucial to the Gold Coast and there were real fears of a downturn in tourists during the peak travel time of Chinese New Year.

“We had planned a large campaign post summer that was dropped because of the flooding, so now we are focused on bring forward marketing dollars from later in the financial year and using them to push the Gold Coast in interstate markets,” he said.

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