19 September 2008

Employment increasing in Tasmania

In a press release yesterday, the Tasmanian Treasurer and Minister for Economic Development Michael Arid announced employment has increased in all regions of Tasmania.

Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that the number of jobs available has increased across the state, while the number of Tasmanians in long-term employment also increased.  Around 7,600 new jobs have opened up state-wide.

"In the year to August 2008, the southern region experienced average growth in employment of 4,600 persons, employment in the northern region increased by 2,200 persons and in the Mersey-Lyell region, employment grew by 800 persons," Mr Aird said.

He also said, in 1998 8,500 people were unemployed compared with 2,500 in the year to August 2007.  This is a record low for the island state, and represents a 20.8 per cent decrease in unemployment levels.

"The Government is closely watching events on financial markets but I can assure the community and business that the fundamentals of the Tasmanian economy remain sound," he added.

In related news, on Tasmania’s west coast, the increasing demand from growth in the mining and tourism sectors is putting pressure on the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) to expand its services to that region.  However, Tim Fischer, National Chairman of RFDS, said rising fuel costs and recruitment of medical professionals and pilots will dampen plans for expansion.

The mining industry in Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory are all rapidly expanding and are recruiting hundreds of thousands of overseas skilled workers to maintain the momentum.  Engineers, miners, foreman, and construction workers are encouraged to apply for Australian skilled migration visas so that skills shortages in this sector can be filled.

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Article by Jessica Bird, Australian Visa Bureau.

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