29 September 2008

Aussies dipping into Kiwi talent pool for mining workers

The South Australian government has launched a campaign to attract thousands of skilled workers from New Zealand, and according to 3 News, record numbers of Kiwis are taking the bait.

The South Australian economy is ready to boom in the mining and defence industries, but is looking to the New Zealand talent pool to fill the thousands of positions available.  The South Australian Government is using the excellent pay packages in the mining industry as the biggest selling factor at New Zealand’s career expo.

"It seems that Kiwi talent is so great the Ozzies just can't get enough. They've turned here to New Zealand's biggest careers expo. With more than half of all visitors looking for a change in job the Australians hope that if Western Australia doesn't do then South Australia might," said Mike Rann, UK-born and Kiwi-raised Premier of South Australia.

"Traditionally New Zealanders have gone to Queensland or Sydney but it's important to go to the next boom town not the last one," he added.

According to figures released from Statistics New Zealand, the numbers of New Zealanders flocking to Australia has accelerated in the past year.  A net 31,900 crossed the Tasman for the year to June 2008, making the migration numbers the highest since 1989. 

ANZ National Bank Chief Economist Cameron Bagrie told the Dominion Post he is concerned the loss of skilled workers to Australia may damage the New Zealand economy by creating a vacuum in the workforce.  However, Immigration New Zealand’s migration program is successfully recruiting overseas workers to move to New Zealand and meet the needs of the workforce.

Mr Bagrie said New Zealanders were moving to Australia for obvious reasons; a booming economy, competitive salaries, low taxes and adventure.

New Zealand and Australia have a reciprocal visa-free agreement that allows citizens from both countries to live and work without restriction in either country.  For nationals from other countries looking to move to Australia, there are a number of visa options available, which are found under the Australian General Skilled Migration category.

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Article by Jessica Bird, Australian Visa Bureau.

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