10 December 2010

Oprah Winfrey on a whirlwind Australian tour

Oprah Winfrey has touched down in Uluru as part of her whirlwind tour of Australia.

Australia Visa

Oprah visited Uluru yesterday as part of her Australian tour.

In its 25th and final season, Oprah surprised her American studio audience earlier this year with a fully-paid 8-day trip to Australia as part of filming for her “Ultimate Australian Adventure” episodes.

Yesterday, Oprah visited Uluru and met with Indigenous people of the area.
“I think the word awesome applies... it strikes awe in your soul when you see Uluru,” she said.

“Me being here is a way of paying respects to the Aboriginal people and showing respect for the land and their culture and all that this rock means to them and the continent and to the world,' she said.

 During the trip Oprah has immersed herself in Australian culture and even cuddled a baby koala bear called Elvis during a trip to Hamilton Island Wildlife Part in Whitsundays.

The Tourism Australian coup to bring Oprah to the country has been seen as an incredible opportunity to market Australian landscapes and adventures to the world – particularly as Oprah’s show is viewed in over a hundred countries.

It is hoped the Australian episodes will showcase the country’s attractions and encourage more tourists to visa. To visit Australia all tourists must have an Australian Tourist Visa, but the most popular of these visas is the ETA Visa which allows for tourism stays of up to three months. The ETA Visa can be quickly and easily applied for online, and once approved it is electronically attached to your passport, removing the need for further paperwork or to send your passport away for stamps.

Two episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show will be filmed at the Sydney Opera House next week, and a third episode will feature her guests' travel experiences at some of Australia's top tourist destinations.

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