10 November 2008

Griffith actively seeking skilled migrants from the UK

The New South Wales city of Griffith will be actively seeking out prospective migrants living in the UK to move to Australia to help ease skills shortages, reports ABC Riverina NSW.

The City Council of Griffith, which is located 613 kilometres west of Sydney, is now in Britain to attend the Work Worldwide Expo in Manchester and London over the first two weekends of November.

The council's general manager, Peter Brooks, said a representative will be available to provide all necessary information to help British residents make the move to Australia, and particularly to Griffith, where overseas skilled workers are desperately in need.

"We'll have a staff member there where the assessment will be able to be taken face-to-face and if it's going to be somebody that we think has got a good chance of it then we'll then obviously start the immigration process if that's what's required," he told ABC.

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Article by Jessica Bird, Australian Visa Bureau.

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