03 July 2008

Australia waiting for 60,000 more World Youth Day visa applications

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The organisers of World Youth Day in Sydney this year have confirmed only 65,000 visas have been approved for the festival. Officials expect 125,000 international visitors to arrive in Sydney for the event, which is due to take off in less than two weeks, reports ABC News.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) expect another 20,000 people to apply for a visa for Australia, or Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA), in order to be eligible for entry to Australia.  Officials also expect another 4,000 to come from New Zealand, where citizens are not required to apply for an Australian travel visa.

People from more than 170 countries are expected to attend the event, and all will need an Australian tourist and visitor visa before arriving in the country. World Youth Day sees young people from all continents gathering together in the presence of the Pope.

Although the numbers are 60,000 people below the estimated target, officials remain confident that the turn-out will be impressive, reports the news provider.  An extra 36 flights are still arranged to cope with the influx of tourists.  However, Youth Day pilgrims are being warned that without an Australia travel visa, they could miss out on the festivities.

Article by Jessica Bird, Australian Visa Bureau 

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