24 January 2013

British migrants exceed in Canadian immigration program

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Figures released by the Canadian government show the average British migrant's income in Canada far exceeds that of all other nationalities.

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British migrants in Canada earn more on average than any other nationality.

Statistics Canada studied immigrants' income by region over a period of four years from 2006. The regions analysed included Africa and the Middle East, Asia, Australasia and the Pacific, South America and Greenland, the US, Europe excluding the UK and the UK.

The report showed that the longer the immigrants had been in Canada - regardless of region - the more they earned. Those arriving in 2006 earned the highest on average, suggesting that the Canadian immigration program is a success in integrating immigrants into Canadian culture.

The average income earned by immigrants arriving in 2010 - the most recently arrived group - was just under CA$20,000 (£12,625) compared to almost CA$30,000 (£19,000) among those who arrived in 2006.

British immigrants' income on average was by far the highest, with those arriving from the UK in 2006 being over CA$55,000 (£34,700) by 2010 compared to just CA$48,345 (£30,520) for those in second place: US citizens arriving in 2006.

The study shows that the intrinsic links of Canadian and British culture - membership of the Commonwealth of Nations, a shared monarchy and language etc. - sets British migrants up better than any other nationality for life in Canada.

The report's findings, combined with the scheduled reopening of Canada's largest visa stream, which has been revised to prioritise those migrants with language skills - the Federal Skilled Worker Program - looks set to ensure British migrants continue to exceed all other nationalities in Canada for the foreseeable future.

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